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Numismatic Sculptures
Apollo by the artist Herakleidas on a silver tetradrachm of the Sicilian city of Katane, circa 413-404 B.C. Alexander the Great on a silver tetradrachm of Lysimachos, King of Thrace, circa 297-281 B.C.
Arethusa by the artist Kimon on a silver tetradrachm of the Sicilian city of Syracuse, circa 405 B.C. Zeus by the artist...
NEW Quadriga 9" x 12" by the artist...

We would highly recommend these limited edition (300), hand-finished castings created by Carroll Gibson. Share your passion for coins with these ten-inch sculptures. Wall mount or display on included fine wood stand.

These masterpieces fully recapture the inspiration which motivated the original die-engravers of some of the most famous coin types of Antiquity. At least one of them belongs on the desk or wall of every numismatist who has succumbed to the allure of ancient Greek coinage.
"Truly Works of Art" - David Sear

$150 US each including shipping and handling within the US. A NEW Zeus coin and Quadriga (9"x12") are now available. The quadriga has a limited edition of 150 and is $300 a piece. Order them directly from Carroll.

For international shipping costs, or other questions, call
800 404-9456 or fill in the form below.


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Ancient Coins
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