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Ancient Numismatics and Historic Articles
This section of the site contains instructional articles and background information of general interest to collectors of ancient coins and students of history. I hope you will find it useful in answering many of your questions - I well remember how many queries I had myself when starting off in this hobby in the 1950s.

Accurate chronological listings of ancient rulers are not always easy to track down in works of reference, and as they form the framework for understanding the chronology of regal coin series I have decided to begin the process of making these available on this site. Initially, I have listed the kings of Macedonia from Philip II to the Roman conquest in 168 BC. Other listings, including Roman and Byzantine rulers, will follow in due course.

I am providing other useful background data, such as a glossary of frequently encountered technical terms and translations and explanations of legends are provided, based on the many questions which I have received from collectors over the years. I have also compiled a bibliography of general works and reference works addressing the subjects of Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins. I am certainly open to suggestions here as to additional information which readers would like to see included.

The Record of Natural Disasters on the Coinage of Imperial Rome
References on Roman coins to natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and plagues.


Ancient Coins

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Ancient Coins
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