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David Sear I wish it to be known that David R. Sear has no connection with the company currently doing business as "Freeman & Sear", this association having been terminated in 2001.

Welcome to the Web site of David R. Sear, author of the standard handbooks for collectors of ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coinage.

On the following pages you will find information on all aspects of this absorbing hobby which has brought pleasure, and sometimes profit, to so many enthusiasts over the past two hundred years.

The principal aims of this site are to provide you with the opportunity to acquire copies of my books, autographed and personally dedicated if requested; to make known to you the details of the A.C.C.S. Certification Service, which I offer, bringing to bear the expertise acquired over more than five decades of professional involvement in ancient numismatics; to present articles and other instructional data on the Academy page, and additional features for your interest and amusement; and to let you know something of my own story, beginning with my early schoolboy fascination with Roman history, leading to my first professional involvement in the 1950s.

Please explore my site and sample all it has to offer. I hope you will find it both informative and entertaining, and any ideas you may have regarding its content may be relayed to me via e-mail to or by telephone at (818) 993-7602.

David Sear

David Sear Allectus Gold aureus 293-296 ADDavid R. Sear David Sear

David Sear

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Volume V of "Roman Coins and Their Values" (Constantine II to Zeno, A.D. 337-491) has now been published and autographed copies are currently available for sale. The price is $85.00 plus $13.00 Priority shipping to U.S. addresses, $25.00 to Canada, and $35.00 overseas.

This now completes the Roman series from the earliest issues of the Roman Republic (c. 280 B.C.) down to the commencement of the Byzantine series at the end of the 5th century A.D. It is planned that a complete boxed set will be made available later in the year.


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